Project Summary


The BSI-NI(Neuroinformatics) Project is pursued to create a database covering research achievements of Riken Brain Science Institute (BSI), and to share such information in the public domain.
BSI promotes information sharing within its organization and with the public domain by constructing, disclosing and managing a vast and top-of-the-line database of its own created through its researches, for which the BSI Director's Fund is delivered to support the operation of the BSI-NI Project including the promotion of information sharing.
This website widely introduces databases and tools created by BSI laboratories, including ones supported by the BSI-NI fund.



BSI-NI Committee Member List

Tomoki Fukai, Ph.D.

Laboratory Head, Lab. for Neural Circuit Theory

Atsushi Iriki, D.D.S., Ph.D.

Laboratory Head, Lab. for Symbolic Cognitive Development

Keiichi Kitajo, Ph.D.

Deputy Laboratory Head, Advanced Brain Signal Processing
Unit Leader, Rhythm-based Brain Information Processing Unit, BTCC

Hajime Hirase, Ph.D.

Laboratory Head, Neuron-Glia Circuitry

Taro Toyoizumi, Ph.D.

Laboratory Head, Neural Computation and Adaptation

Shiro Usui, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor, Neuroinformatics Japan Center

◎Yoko Yamaguchi, Ph.D.

Director, Neuroinformatics Japan Center

Motohide Yokota

Director, Brain Science Planning Office

◎ acting Chairman



BSI-NI Project Secretariat

Itsuko Ishii

Technical Staff , Neuroinformatics Japan Center

Tazu Aoki

Brain Science Planning Office